Labor, Wages & Benefits

I stand with workers every single time.

I will work to...

  • Protect organized labor by pushing back against policies designed to dismantle unions and undermine workers, like the so-called "Right to Work" law and the repeal of the prevailing wage.

  • Raise the state minimum wage to a living wage, including for tipped workers.

  • Generate new revenue to fully fund pensions, starting with the Commonwealth's wealthiest residents paying their fair share of taxes.

  • Enact paid family and sick leave for all.


Everybody should be well taken care of.

I will work to...

  • Implement healthcare coverage for all.

  • Protect provisions of the Affordable Care Act, including the Medicaid expansion. Fight efforts to slash benefits including dental coverage and reduce the number of recipients through work requirements.

  • Legalize medical marijuana, a proven option for people suffering from chronic pain and other conditions.

Education & Child Welfare

Education shouldn't start at age 5 and end at 18.

I will work to...

  • Offer universal pre-K, an effective two-generation approach to strengthening families, to prepare children for kindergarten and allow parents to work or study without crippling childcare costs.

  • Provide wrap-around supports in schools—food, clothing, and counseling—until they're no longer needed.

  • Restore K-12 funding to pre-recession levels to continue Kentucky's momentum in school improvement.

  • Restore higher education funding to pre-recession levels to reduce the loan burden on students and ensure students from all kinds of families can attend. Make college free to low-income students.


Equity & Community

Each of our neighbors deserves dignity. 

I will work to...

  • Tackle poverty in comprehensive ways, with an immediate focus on food insecurity and homelessness.

  • End class and racial inequities in everything from school policing to bank lending.

  • Advocate for the equal rights of LGBTQIA people, starting with a Statewide Fairness Law.

  • Increase opportunities for inclusion in the political process through public financing of elections and expanded voting including automatic registration, early voting, and online voting.